OK Boomer

OMGods, I can't believe this ok Boomer stuff. Please, we should be working together. I don't think it's the boomers going after any other generation. Apparently, other generations feel that it is. I don't think the 'boomers' have anything against anyone. The media is talking about it a lot. Still, I really don't think there's much there. Please don't make more of it than it is. It's just different generations that can't really understand each other. It's important that we try, especially right now. I'm barely a 'boomer', but I really want you to understand my time, and that I'm old enough to understand your time, and I know that I don't understand everything, but I'm willing to try. Just please vote responsibly, and not just against your idea of 'boomers'. Boomers can be great to know, and the best boomers know that you are great to know too. 

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