are there any OFF-BROADWAY or OFF-OFF-BROADWAY shows worthwhile schlepping into the city?

We have seen most of the popular and well known Broadway shows. Its fun to explore the less popular unknown shows, however very disappointing when we extend so much energy to find these offbeat performances only to be greatly disappointed

Has anyone seen any real jewels which they can recommend, worthy of the effort for us to go to the city? Sure - Chicago, Jersey Boys, Phantom, Mormons, Hamilton all rank.....but how about some of the less noteworthy ones?


No one has seen any worthwhile off-broadway or off off-broadway shows?....yikessss !!!

For off off - there's Blue Man Group and Stomp.

One play that got a really good review which sounded interesting is Scotland PA.

Peter Dinklage is playing Cyrano at the David Roth theater - looks like it's getting mixed reviews.

You could go to London. That's pretty far off Broadway

We're going to see Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library at Luna Stage tomorrow. That's off Broadway but not as far as London and doesn't require a schlep.  It's received very good reviews.  

yes - - i saw Mrs Stern at Luna stage - - - very nicely done....a bit of "a heavy little play" as you can imagine; and i LOVE the intimacy of this Luna stage theater.....parking is a bit difficult, so if you do go, get there a little early, since its essentially off-street parking (a small parking lot across the street, but that fills quickly!)

 We've been to Luna many times. Premier Stages at Kean is one of our favorites but their season is over.  

As far as off-Broadway, or off-off-Broadway is concerned, we like 59e59 Theaters, but haven't seen any of the current productions.  

eta - We've rarely been disappointed with anything at NJ Rep in Long Branch. We haven't seen the current production Lily but Long Branch is an easy drive particularly now that summer is over.

I really enjoyed seeing Peter Dinklage in "Cyrano." He is just a tremendous actor, and it's a relatively intimate space, so you can really see all the facial expressions. 

I liked but didn't love "Heroes of the Fourth Turning," which consists mainly of conversation between a group of young conservatives in Wyoming.

My son sees a lot of theater, so the below are from him not me. We are going tomorrow, at his recommendation, to see "Is This a Room," which I understand is really a transcript of an FBI interrogation of someone accused of leaking evidence of Russian interference. He also enjoyed "My Dear Dead Druglord," "Dr. Ride's American Beach House," and "Soft Power," but I haven't seen these. He though "For Colored Girls...," was good but confusing. He was not blown away by "The Wrong Man," but I've otherwise heard great things. He lives in the city now and qualifies for young-person tickets, so his threshold of "worthy" might be different from y/ours.

We have tickets to see "Judgment Day" at the Park Avenue Armory, which doesn't start till early December, but I have found everything presented there to be interesting and worthwhile (and more affordable, the earlier you buy). "Macbeth" was well reviewed, and I'd like to see that, but I haven't bought tickets yet.

The reviews for "Scotland, PA," were good, but the three people I've talked to who have seen it strongly did not recommend it. Because I tend not to prefer musicals in general anyway, I'm skipping that one.

Also, I’ve heard great things about the Yiddish “Fiddler” and plan to get there before it closes. 

Check out for info about current shows, reviews and audience feedback.  It's like Yelp for theatre.  Reviews for "Heroes of the Fourth Turning" at Playwright's Horizons, which dramatizes the emotional basis of the right wing agenda, have been glowing, as have reviews for the play that Mary Louise Parker stars in, the name of which escapes me.  

The Mary Louise Parker play, "The Sound Inside," is great, but it's Broadway. I also really loved "The Height of the Storm" on Broadway, though the reviewers did not.

Check out which provides info about plays, as well as reviews and audience feedback.  It's like Yelp for theatre.  Reviews for Playwrights Horizons' "Heroes of the Fourth Turning," about the origin of the conservative mindset, have been glowing; audience response on the above-referenced site is mixed.  The play closes this weekend. 

Edited to add:  I don't what happened -- first time I hit reply nothing showed up; second time, both comments were posted.  Oh well. 

Edited again to add:  I realized that the MLP play is Broadway after I posted the first time, but before I saw your post, Zucca.  Oh well.  

I saw "Is This a Room" last night. There is no script; or, the script is a transcript of Reality Winner being questioned by the FBI. It's a scant 70 minutes, but it is weirdly both banal and harrowing. There is no set per se at all. Emily Davis' performance is absolutely stunning. It's hard to know whether to recommend schlepping in for it, but I'm glad I did! 

I'm going tonight to see The Michaels at the Public. Not sure whether the OP is still looking, but if I remember, I'll report back.

thank you for your responses....those websites are very helpful - - are there any OTHER show websites which could be useful to know?

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